Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition Drumset Review

Here is the newest Alesis Strike Pro Sepcail edition drumset review. In this article, you will find out about the technical characteristics of this drum set, what makes it so unique to be a special edition, and why. We also compared this drum set to the Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Set.

Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition E-Drum Kit Module Review

Alesis Strike Pro special edition e-kit offers amazing features, playability, and responsiveness with great value. It is an 11-piece professional drum kit with an affordable price with features that cannot be found on other Alesis kits like Alesis Strike Pro or Alesis Surge Mesh.

Featuring 136 complete drum kits with instant access, 45,000 samples, and over 1,800 individual sounds. Unlike the other kits, Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition has the latest-generation mesh heads with a full-sized 20” kick drum. With that comes the dual-zone snare and all the toms for faster response and even easier playing.

The comparison between this e-kit and the acoustic one, especially in look, has no difference. The cymbals are covered with thick, soft rubber. This provides the balance of feel, control, bounce, and volume. Cymbals also have holes in them, known as hammered look for even more reduced sound than any other previous Alesis e-kits.

What makes Alesis Strike Pro a Special Edited Drum Set Kit?

The differences between these two e-drum sets are the kick drum and hi-hat pads. The bass drum on the Special Edition version is a 20” full-sized acoustic bass drum. The Strike Pro has only a 14” kick drum pad. The SE drum kit has a hi-hat pad that is an upgraded version of the regular standard one. It’s far more sensitive, allowing complex playing on hi-hats.

The main problems from the Alesis Strike Pro version have been solved with the SE version. The main pad’s triggering mechanisms have been totally redesigned. The hi-hat and ride cymbal pad had substantial build quality flaws. Both of these have been upgraded on the SE version.

The bigger sound library, improved, quieter cymbals, and upgraded-latest drum pads provide a more realistic drumming experience. The advanced drum module provides greater control and customization options. Increased memory capacity allows bigger sound libraries and user presets.

Module Overview

  • General: The special edition kit offers a full-sized 20” kick, latest-generation mesh heads, the most capable, versatile drum module ever, a 3-zone Strike Pro Special Edition 16” ride cymbal, 14” crash, and a 14” movable hi-hat feel. It’s the most quiet E-drum on the market;
  • Pieces: 11;
  • Price: $2,699.00;
  • Space requirements: 52″ x 34″ x 35″ (WxDxH) when fully assembled;
  • Materials: Standard nylon mesh;
  • Colors: Red&Black, Red&White;
  • Sturdiness: Extremely durable and can last many years of use with 3 years warranty;
  • Set up guideline: A complete owner’s manual on how to set up Alesis Strike Pro SE E-Drums.

Equipment & Features

Since we covered the model overview, we will compare the Pro Special Edition version to other drum kits and what makes this kit so special.

Alesis Strike Pro SE vs. Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

The Surge Mesh kit has 2 x 8″ dual-zone mesh rack toms, an 8” one-floor tom with a 10″ hi-hat with pedal, and a 10″ crash with choke. Alesis kit features an 8″ and 10” dual-zone mesh rack toms, 12” and 14” dual-zone mesh floor toms, and 14″ Movable hi-hat. However, the Pro SE version has two additional 14″ dual-zone crashes. Custom samples are much richer on the SE kit, with onboard sampling capability to load your samples via SD card or USB. While Surge Mesh has a premium 4-post rack, the Pro version features a premium 4-post rack, a 16 GB SD card, and a software editor for creating custom kits. And lastly, while Surge Mesh has only 385 sounds with 40 kits, Pro SE has over 1,800 sounds with 136 kits.

Alesis Strike Pro SE Vs. Alesis SR16

The Pro SE and Alesis sr16 are two different products. The Alesis Strike Pro SE is a high-end electronic drum kit with the newest mesh drum heads, an extensive sound library, and many customizable options. The Alesis SR16 is a drum machine known for its portable design and built-in sounds. It is suitable for musicians seeking a compact rhythm accompaniment tool.

Alesis Strike Pro SE Vs. Alesis DM10
Strike Pro SE has a full-sized 20″ mesh kick, while the Alesis dm10 has an 8″ mesh kick drum. The snare tom is 12” dual-zoned with stands, but on the Pro version, it is 14”. The second rack tom and the first floor are the same, as well as the 16″ triple-zone ride, and both crashes. However, Strike Pro SE has an additional third 14” crash and a movable 14” hi-hat, while the other kit has 12″ hi-hat with the pedal. The Strike Pro SE kit has 1,800+ sounds with 136 kits, while the Alesis dm10 has 700+ sounds with 80 factory and 30 user kits. It also has the additional trigger input for labeled ride two, while the dm10 kit does not.

Standard Full Set Box Components

Now that we made a basic comparison of this e-kit with previous Alesis kits and highlighted its most prominent features, here are the technical characteristics of this drum set that you will benefit from the most.

  1. 4 Tom pads: The set includes 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14” dual-zone Tom pads. Unlike the standard Strike Kit, this one has an additional 14” dual-zone pad. Also, the pro version has two additional 14″ dual-zone crash cymbals with choke and additional mounting hardware.
  2. Strike Performance Drum Module: The strike performance module features a 4.3-color LED screen. The module’s display offers information about its current mode and actions with the ability to navigate different pages and modes. Strike software editor to create your custom kits and instruments.
  3. A snare pad: 14″ dual-zone mesh snare pad. Such a pad allows precise and expressive playing with different sounds assigned to each zone.
  4. A kick pad: 20″ Wood Shell Kick Drum with a natural and authentic feel. It resembles a real-acoustic kick drum.
  5. 4 crash cymbals: 3 x 14″ Crash cymbals with choke, a 14″ hi-hat cymbal, and a 16″ Ride 3-zone cymbal. All of these cymbals feature full rubber pads and traditional hammering patterns for reduced sound.
  6. A hi-hat controller: 1 x 1/4″ TRS. Precise control over their hi-hat cymbals, replicating the natural feel and responsiveness of an acoustic hi-hat.
  7. 4.3″ color display: Check the current kit, other settings, and important information. Use the main vol to adjust the volume level of the Main Out. Aux In to adjust the volume level of the Aux In, and Sliders to adjust the volume level of each sound of your used kit. This controller also includes Note Chase, Mixer, Sample, Metro, and Metro Tempo to change the tempo of your metronome.
  8. 16 GB SDHC Card (in the module’s SD card slot): Store and access a library of custom samples, sound effects, and presets. With ample storage capacity, the 16 GB SDHC card provides a convenient and portable solution for expanding the drum kit’s sound capabilities.
  9. Power adapter: The power adapter has a voltage output of 12 V and a current rating of 2 A for sufficient power supply. It features a center-positive polarity, which means the center pin of the adapter’s plug is positive. This ensures compatibility and safe operation with the drum kit’s power input.
  10. Guidelines and warranty manual: The kit will come with a guide to help the user assemble and use the drums, including 3 years warranty.

These features provide a realistic and acoustic-like experience. To learn more about the specific characteristics of all items in the Pro Special Edition version, check the table below.

Characteristics Description
20″ kick drum pad The incredible, real, acoustic-alike 20” kick drum pad. The drum does not only look like an acoustic drum, but it also feels no different when you sit and play. The sound is very similar, much more enhanced from the previous kick drum on other kits.
16″ triple-zone ride cymbal pad The three distinct zones allow realistic and expressive playing. With a durable construction and responsive surface, it closely emulates an acoustic ride cymbal.
14″ dual-zone snare drum pad Acoustic size of a snare drum pad with a natural rebound, which is easy on the hands.
8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ dual-zone tom pads All toms have sounds on the rims as well as the pads. Hybrid wood drum shells with hardware lugs attached directly to the shell.
14″ dual-zone crash cymbal pads Thanks to its size, the crash has a great project of sound.
12″ hi-hat cymbal pads Movable hi-hat system. As you press while playing, the stand will move back and forth with a two-legged hi-hat stand.
Chrome rack Chrome finish of the rack provides stability and adjustable positioning for all drum components.
Metronome Use the Alesis Strike Pro SE metronome to maintain precise timing. Choose and adjust your tempo and time signatures.
Strike drum module Aside from 136 kits, you can expand it and customize your own sounds with a 16 GB SD card. There are also over 1,800 multi-sampled instruments and 45,000 samples included.
Pair of wood drumsticks Specially designed drumsticks complement the Alesis Strike Pro electronic drum kit. Balanced weight and durable construction for optimal performance and feel.
Drum key Easily tune and adjust your drums. Comfortable grip and durable construction for a quick and precise adjustment of the drumheads and hardware.
Power supply The power adapter is designed to provide reliable and consistent power to the drum kit. The drumset operates at its optimal performance and delivers consistent sound quality.
Cable snake and wraps The cable snake helps consolidate multiple cables into a single, organized bundle, reducing clutter and tangling. The cable wraps secure and wrap individual cables, making storage and transport more convenient.
Assembly guideline A step-by-step instructions for setting up and assembling the Special Edition kit. Detailed diagrams and explanations are included to understand the assembly process easier.
Characteristics Description
Strike Performance drum module The drum module features a 4.3″ full-color LCD screen. Clear and detailed visual feedback. Navigating through settings, kits, and sound editing options. Quick and intuitive access to various features, including sound customization, metronome settings, and performance parameters.
136 kits and over 1,800 multi-sampled instruments This incredible collection provides various drum sounds, cymbals, percussion, and other instruments. Customize the sound palette, create unique combinations, and experiment with different styles and tones.
16GB SD card Insert a card into the drum module’s SD card slot to expand the storage capacity. Easily save and access additional samples, presets, and recordings.
Dual-hoop pads with wooden shells The pads have a traditional two-hoop design and are constructed with wooden shells. This provides a natural resonance and response similar to acoustic drums. Such a combination improves the overall playability and realism of the drum kit.
4-Post chrome rack 4-Post chrome rack is a sturdy and reliable framework for the drum kit. The extreme stability ensures that the drums and cymbals remain securely in place during performances. Durable and convenient, allowing drummers to set up the kit easily.
USB/MIDI output This feature is for use with VST instruments. They are located on the back panel with individual outputs for direct audio for kick, snare, and hi-hat, all toms on a stereo pair, and all crash cymbals on a stereo pair. Standard MIDI inputs, outputs, and a USB input to connect to a computer. An SD card slot and the power supply input are also on the back. 1. The aux input is a 1/8″ or 3.5mm TRS. 2. The main outputs are two 1/4″ TRS.
Software editor Customize and fine-tune the drum kit settings. User-friendly interface for adjusting parameters, including sound effects, kit configuration, and instrument assignment.
Available colors Red and black.

Extended Drum Kits

There are 13 TRS inputs available on the Strike module. Expand your kit by using a TRS to TS Y-cable. Extended drum kits usually contain extra toms, either floor or rack and an extra crash cymbal. Some extended kits also contain an additional snare drum. These kits take up a lot of space.

  • Hi-Hat Stand. The Alesis Strike Pro SE does not have a hi-hat stand. It has a snare stand for the snare drum pad. The hi-hat pad on this kit needs to be supported by a standard hi-hat stand, so you need to buy it individually.
  • Drum Pads. Connect up to three additional pads or drum triggers. Set them up by connecting the additional drums to the available trigger inputs on the drum module using TRS or TS Y-cable. When connected, the drum module can be configured to assign sounds and parameters to the newly added drums.
  • Cymbals. Connect up to two additional cymbals. Set them up by connecting them to the available trigger inputs on the drum module using compatible cables.
  • To adjust the sensitivity focus, turn the knobs on the snare and tom pads. The knob position controls whether the center of the head or the rim is more or less sensitive.
  • Connect the HH input to the hi-hat pad and the HH Control input to the hi-hat module. The Alesis logo on the cymbal pads should be facing you. The edge and choke zones do not extend all the way around the pad.
  • Samples. Use a computer to download the files, the Strike module, and your SD card. Use a card reader for your SD card or connect your strike module to the computer using a USB a to b cable. This will let you access the strike’s sd card through that connection. Once connected, you can see the multiple folders.

Choose the samples folder and locate the samples you want to add to the card. Copy and paste it into the samples folder. Go back, and go to the instruments folder. The instrument files are a must because they are associated with your copied samples. Open the Alesis Strike Insutrment Files folder, and copy and paste the Kick Elements folder into the Instruments folder on the SD card. Follow these exact steps, or the samples won’t work. Disconnect your card and use it on your module.

Alesis Strike Pro SE Electronic Drum Set Drum Pads Review

The pads come in different diameters, from 8″ to 14″, with a comfortable playing surface. Each one is dual-zoned with the separate triggering of different sounds. The pads are constructed with durable and latest mesh material, resulting in a realistic and responsive feel similar to acoustic drums. Compatible with various drumming techniques, including rimshots and cross-sticking.

Tom Pads

Dual-zone mesh heads for the 14″ snare and 8, 10, 12, and 14″ toms. It also has a spacious 16″ ride, 3x 14″ crashes, and a moveable hi-hat. The kick drum is 20″ with a full-size resonant shell. Tom pads have two distinct playing zones – the drum head and the rim. This dual-zone configuration allows drummers to trigger different sounds or articulations by striking different areas of the pad. The drum head zone produces the main tom sound, while the rim zone produces alternative sounds like rimshots or cymbal effects to create a more dynamic performance. There is enough space and versatility for each drum and space to add more drums on the coming rack.


5 next-generation cymbal pads, including a spacious 16″ strike ride, a 3x 14″ Crash cymbal pad with choke, and a 14″ hi-hat cymbal. All cymbals provide a high level of responsiveness and precise triggering. The choke feature is available on all electronic cymbals, and the ride cymbal has three distinct playing zones.

Kick Drum

20″ full-size electronic kick drum. It feels and looks exactly like an acoustic drum. This full-size kick is sturdy and highly durable. The drum allows faster and more natural response with its all-new, latest-generation mesh heads. The kick drum boasts greater dynamics and accuracy thanks to its sensitive and realistic playing surface.

Sound Settings and Voice Effects

Modes give drummers different control over their drumming and sound. Different modes provide different drumming experiences, levels of diversity, and flexibility to improve and challenge your skills. The Alesis Strike Pro SE drum module has a few additional features compared to the Alesis Strike Pro. This includes an expanded sound library with additional drum and cymbal samples. It also includes exclusive preloaded kits and sounds with improved hardware components or firmware updates compared to the regular Strike Pro module.

Mode Description
Voice Effect The mode provides control over parameters including pitch, level, and decay. This will shape and fine-tune the drums’ sound. Press the Voice Mode button to start. Then, you can edit the assigned instruments, reverb/FX Amount, MIDI output, and other settings for each drum or cymbal pad.
Kit FX Mode Adjust the setting for your Comp and FX compressor, EQ and Reverb. Enter Kit Effects Mode and press edit, and then press Kit FX.
Voice Mode Each tab on the screen edits the different settings of each voice. To turn on the Voice Mode, click on Edit and then Voice.
Trigger Mode Trigger Mode shows the settings that control how each drum or cymbal pad’s trigger sensor responds when struck. If you wish to change the sound level, use the Layers tab of Voice Mode (see Kits > Editing Kits > Editing Voices). Trigger Mode settings are already adjusted, so you don’t need to change them. These settings are in the module’s internal memory, but they are not saved within any kit. Press Save while in Trigger Mode to save the settings.
Mixer mode Mixer mode shows the output level of each trigger. 12 channel faders represent it, and you can turn it on by entering the Mixer More and pressing the Mixer. Move the slider on the module up and down to adjust the trigger level.
Sample mode Edit the sample you recorded with Sample mode. Control your recording samples before recording and editing samples once finished. Press the Record button and start recording.

Price in the USA

The Amazon and Sweetwater price of the Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition drumset is $2,699. On the GuitarCenter, as one of the Alesis dealers, the price is the same – $2,699. There are no significant differences between the drum sets on Sweetwater and GuitarCenter. The Alesis Strike Pro SE version on both sites has the same features, specifications, and prices.

Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition Kit Dimensions and Size

How Much Space is Needed for a Drum Kit?
Unlike the regular Strike Pro kit, the Strike SE version takes more space due to the bigger kick drum. The Alesis Strike Pro SE, when fully assembled, has the next dimensions:

  • Width: 52″
  • Depth: 34″
  • Height: 35″

This requires around 4,5 ft. x 4 ft. floor space.

Alesis Model Dimensions (Width x Depth) Roland Model Dimensions (Width x Depth)
Alesis Strike Pro SE – 14″ Snare

– 20″ Kick Drum

– 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ Toms

Roland TD 50 Width: 52″ 

Depth: 34″ 

Alesis Strike Pro – 14″ Snare

– 14″ Kick Drum

– 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ Toms

Roland TD27 Width: 52″ 

Depth: 34”

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – 10″ Snare

– 8″ Kick Drum

– 3 x 8″ Toms

Roland VAD306 Width: 43.32″

Depth: 27.60″

Alesis SR16      

How to Set up Alesis Strike Pro SE Drum Kit? Module Setup Guide

In your user manual, you can find the exact instructions. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Firstly, connect your module to the power adapter and plug it into the power outlet. Ensure the power switch on the module is turned off before connecting the adapter.
  2. Then, connect the cymbals and drums to the module using the given cables. Each pad and cymbal have a designated input on the module. Match the labels on the cables with the corresponding inputs.
  3. If you have additional triggers or pedals, connect them to the module as well.
  4. Power on the module and adjust the volume using the master volume knob. If you need it, connect your headphones or an amplifier to the module.
  5. Navigate the module’s settings using the buttons and display to customize your drum kit. Assign sounds to different pads, and adjust various parameters to suit your preferences.

Possible Issues

You can experience some freezing with your Alesis Strike Pro SE drum kit. Drum freezing is similar to computer freezing. This indicates that a foreign item is not being processed. Remove any incompatible settings and disconnect any externally linked devices. To reset the module, turn it off and then hold the Stop and Enter buttons. Do that while powering it back on until the Alesis splash screen appears. This will reset the Trigger and Utility settings.

If you have any MIDI devices connected, disconnect them since they can disrupt the module and send unrecognized messages. If the problem is not solved, try removing the SD card. It is usually the corrupted kit or sample stored on that is causing the problem. Bear in mind that removing the SD card will make samples and kits unavailable.


  1. The Alesis Strike Pro module is the most versatile and capable module on the market.
  2. Featuring a major library of 136 custom kits, 1800 instruments, and 45,000 samples.
  3. Sample your own sounds with the onboard sampling capability. Store them on a 16GB SD card or by using the USB/MIDI connectivity option.
  4. The Strike Software Editor allows you to create custom samples with multiple velocity layers and transfer them to the module via USB.
  5. Its 4.3-inch color LED screen makes it easy to manage settings.
  6. The Alesis Strike Pro SE is an affordable option compared to Roland drums.


  1. Some drummers reported issues with firmware updates for the drum module. These updates can address bugs or introduce new features, which can result in difficulties during the update process.


How to upgrade to the Strike Pro from the regular kit?

Update the module by downloading the firmware file. The process of launching the firmware updater software will depend on the type of your device.

  • Go to your Downloads folder and find the .zip file.
  • Right-click on the .zip file and choose “Extract All.”
  • Open the newly extracted folder and double-click on the installer for the Alesis Strike Firmware Updater.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • On your computer’s taskbar, click on the Windows icon.
  • Type “Firmware Updater” in the search bar and open the Updater app.


  • Go to your Downloads folder
  • Double-click the .zip file
  • Another double-click the .dmg file
  • Launch the firmware updater

Does the Alesis Strike Pro SE come with a kick pedal?

No, you have to make an additional purchase for a kick pedal. Usually, more expensive e-drum kits do not include an additional kick or bass drum pedal, and they typically do not include the drum throne. Beginner kits, however, include this part of hardware because they want to offer beginner inclusive all-in-one package.

Why Alesis Strike Pro SE worth its money?

Alesis Strike Pro SE drum kit is crafted of high-quality materials. It has a sturdy construction, good hardware, and a great module with numerous genres and styles. Its performance is at the highest level compared to other electronic drums. The conclusion is that this drum kit, with its features and performance, is totally worth of money.

Can I use a double kick pedal with the Strike?

You can use a double kick pedal on Alesis Strike Pro. This is because this kick drum has a 20” size, just like an acoustic kick drum, so you can easily place a double kick pedal. The dual-beaters will have enough space on the upper part of the drum, covering the sensory parts.

How do Alesis Strike Pro SE and Alesis Strike Pro differ?

There are two major differences between Alesis Stike Pro SE and Alesis Stike Pro. Those are the bass drum and hi-hat pads. The bass drum, or so-called kick drum on the SE is a full-sized acoustic bass drum. But, on the Strike Pro version is only a small kick drum pad. The hi-hat pad on the SE is an updated version of the standard one that Alesis Strike Pro features. It’s much more responsive, allowing you to play more nuanced things on the hi-hat. It feels a lot better to play, thanks to its responsiveness.