Electronic Drum Set For Kids

An electronic drum set for kids is not the same drum kit for adults. Kids’ electronic drum sets have special features that suit youngsters’ little hands, body proportions, and capabilities. Today’s blog will show you the top 5 electric drum sets for kids, where we will discuss their price, features, overall sound, pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

Here is our list of the top 5 electronic drum sets for kids.

Roland TD-1DMK – Top Pick for Kids Electric Drum Set

The first on our list of kid’s electric drum sets is the Roland TD-1DMK. It is a quality electric drum kit for kids available for around $700, with fantastic dual-layer mesh pads. The included TD-1 module is jam-packed with high-quality background tracks, practice aids, and even complex teaching features. With its freestanding hi-hat pedal that can be positioned wherever it is most comfortable, kids can easily play the drums. Also, the bass drum pad affixed to the rack is meant to function with a typical bass drum pedal. Aside from that, the 15 onboard kit settings vary in style and give a useful variety of sounds suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

Pros Cons
  • Full junior electric drum kit;
  • Adjustable height β€” perfect for kids;
  • 15 preset kits;
  • Tuneable Mesh drum heads.
  • A bit pricey for kids electronic drum set;
  • There are no accessories included.

Alesis Debut Children’s Electric Drum Kit

Another incredible yet very affordable electric drum set for kids is Alesis Debut Kit. With a price range of around $240, it has everything kids need to start drumming. A drum stool, sticks, and headphones and a full metronome and Melodics learning program are included. The sturdy build quality, Melodics software, and clear instructional materials will offer brand-new drummers to learn key rhythmic foundations. The kit has 120 sounds separated into ten kits, 30 songs to play along to, and smartphone connectivity. You can play your favourite music on applications like Deezer and Apple Music.

Pros Cons
  • Budget-friendly electronic drum set for kids;
  • A lot of accessories, including;
  • Tuneable Mesh drum heads;
  • Even though it is great for kids, kids can outgrow the set quickly.

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

Alesis Turbo Mash is kids electronic drum set that includes everything a kid needs to start drumming within a budget-friendly price of around $300. This fantastic drum features a metronome, a drum coach, 30 backing tracks, and free Melodics lessons to learn how to play. All mesh heads feel amazing and are almost as lifelike as an acoustic drum head. The sound of this electric drum kit for children is excellent considering the price, and the coaching modes onboard the module helps your youngster learn their first rhythms and grasp time-keeping.

Pros Cons
  • USB connection feature;
  • A lot of value for a low price;
  • Metronome and free lessons included.
  • Not so versatile child electric drum kit;
  • Has only ten drum kits.

Alesis CompactKit 4

We have this great Alesis CompactKit 4 electronic drum set kid from a tabletop offer. It offers various percussion voices, 70 sounds, ten effects, and 50 play-along tunes. The greatest thing about this Alesis electronic drum set kid is that your kid can record its playing and practising. The LCD allows your kid to see whatever they are working on, and its battery-powered feature with headphones output makes this a highly portable drum kit.

Pros Cons
  • Highly affordable junior drum kit electric;
  • A diverse assortment of good percussion voices;
  • Drumsticks included;
  • High customization.
  • Not so realistic-acoustic feeling;
  • The pads can do much better.

Yamaha DD75 Children Electric Drum Kit

Yamaha DD75 is a great electronic drum set, kid. It includes diverse sounds and functionalities, making it ideal for practising and performing. The eight velocity-sensitive pads give excellent responsiveness, while the ported speakers produce great sound. The sounds compensate for the pads and tabletop design not delivering the most genuine acoustic drum set experience. The Yamaha DD75 costs around $200, which is not a lot but not little as well for a tabletop kit.

Pros Cons
  • Responsive rubber pads;
  • Precise percussion sound for children’s electric drum kit;
  • MIDI connection and recorder functionality;
  • Very compact tabletop kit.
  • Not so budget-friendy for tabletop;
  • Not so a realistic feeling of pads.

In Conclusion

If your kid is just about to start playing the drums and you don’t want nor have enough space for a big acoustic drum kit, consider an electronic drum set for kids. They are compact, usually easily portable, and much less loud. This guide listed the five best kids’ electric drum sets from different companies at different price levels. Choose the best suits your and your kid’s needs and capabilities, and let them easily begin their drumming journey!